The NBA 2K16 Biggest barrier is control scheme

You still customize your own player, all the way from his weight and height to the crook of his nose. But any prospect you craft steps into the shoes of NBA hopeful and Harlem native “Freq,” short for “Frequency Vibrations.” Yes, that’s his real name.

In short – and for a 1080p resolution – a single GTX680 is more than enough for this game. Those wishing to play NBA 2K16 MT Coins at 4K resolutions, however, will obviously need a better graphics card. A Titan or a 780Ti would be ideal for such scenarios.

The big reason to show up this year, though, is that NBA 2K’s gameplay has been completely upgraded in nearly every way, resulting in a more true-to-life simulation experience. In previous years, I always found it easy to score by cheezing my way past AI defenders, running in circles and forcing them to make unrealistic mistakes. All of that is gone this year. Zig-zagging will result in steals and frustration, and attempts to drive the baseline will end up in terrible or blocked shots. The only reliable way to score is to use real basketball concepts, so if you’re a student of the sport you’ll find yourself being rewarded for your knowledge.

You have to improvise, because opposing AI coaches will start to learn your tendencies and try new ways to stop you. For example, defenders had been going underneath screens, allowing me to step back and take open jumpers; after a few successful attempts they started going around screens, forcing me to drive the lane instead. This constant game of cat and mouse kept me on my toes, searching for new ways to make plays. NBA2K16Store’s only been out for a few days, and it’s possible that extended time with my newest virtual star will wash the bad taste of Livin’ Da Dream out of my mouth.

There’s a surprisingly large number of markets to choose from (I took the Milwaukee Bucks to Montreal), so you can bring basketball back to Seattle, put a franchise in Las Vegas, or even move to Alaska if you want. Of course, it wouldn’t be NBA 2K if they didn’t change some of the core controls. Again. The biggest barrier to newcomers remains its intensely complex and confusing control scheme, and NBA 2K16 has only exacerbated that issue.


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